Map this!

Currently Reading: Maphead by Ken Jennings

Several months ago a friend visited my house and declared, “Jessbrarian, you are really into maps!”

I had no idea but as she showed me around my own home and pointed out all the map items (a poster hanging on the wall, a magnet puzzle that is a map, a shower curtain that is a subway map and more!) I realized she was right. I really DO like maps.

I also like Jeopardy and over 10 years ago was obsessed with the 74 time champion Ken Jennings. I even met him at a book signing. And I even started a blog that you could say is dedicated to him! All About Last Night’s Jeopardy

I get a weekly email from him with trivia questions and have read most of his books. I hadn’t ever read Maphead and now, I’m into it. It’s filled with interesting geographical facts and finds that are not only about maps (but mostly).

This book is a great break from reading fiction. It’s got history, intrigue, and suspense. Actually, just mostly history and interesting facts to bring up at your next cocktail party! Luckily, I have one tonight.



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